Shop, Save and Share Strategy

You’ve peddled magazine subscriptions and cookie dough for school, now it’s time to enjoy somebody else’s fundraiser. The Junior League of Birmingham is having its annual Shop, Save and Share card event October 24 – November 4, allowing you twelve days of shopping frenzy among over 500 merchants  and restaurants.

Here’s how it works. Purchase a card for $40 from a prepare to show your card for discounts up to 20% with participating retailers. There are also some great dining deals to keep you energized for all that shopping. Your $40 card purchase helps fund the community service projects of the JLB and your shopping benefits…well, you.

Hats off to the JLB organizers who understand that these things require a strategy just like an errand run or Black Friday. The Shop, Save and Share booklet includes an alphabetical listing of all participants and their deals/exclusions but it also includes a GEOGRAPHICAL listing that groups them by area of town. Brilliant! You can choose your approach:

The All-Day Binge: Start for brunch at , do home shopping at At Home Furnishings, Harmony Landing and Three Sheets before stopping for lunch at O’Carr’s or Pinches Tacos. Then proceed to the Summit (Belk, Banana Republic, Pinkberry Yogurt, more) and right on to Cahaba Heights for Chickadee, Learning Express, Lili Pad and Gigi’s all in a row. Exhilarating, no?

The Slow Dose: Maybe you need the day-at-a-time convenience of Mountain Brook’s La Paz and Grandmother’s Joy during lunch, then the massive Galleria one evening, and a Saturday of the Outlet Shops of Grand River and Bass Pro Shops. Take the kids to Hamburger Heaven one evening after ball practice, make plans to meet the girls at Avo for a happy hour after work. Plot some early Christmas shopping. Wherever you are headed, chances are there is a Shop, Save and Share deal nearby.

The Big Excuse: I wait for this occasion to “justify” purchases and frankly to even walk in to some pricier boutiques. It’s fun to check out new stuff and ponder whether a discount could bring something into my price range. The Shop Save Share card induces me to try out new shops or those I haven’t been in for a long time, even venturing to another side of town for the promise of a convenient shopping cluster.

Whatever your style, check out participating merchants and see if you can find your excuse to shop and help the community.