Election Fatigue, Pundit Overload

I got this pin at the Moss Rock Festival and absentmindedly pinned it on my shirt. When I got home I looked down to discover I had been wearing the pin upside down the whole time. Guess the fatigue is starting to show.

Pity the people in swing states who can’t escape the robo calls, TV ads, and billboards that invade their every conscious moment. Although Alabama’s election outcome was long ago written off by pundits as a foregone conclusion (and therefore we citizens have been spared from a constant barrage of campaign messages), who isn’t exhausted from all the tension leading up to election day?

It takes effort to be an informed voter. There aren’t any journalists with a prominent voice any longer; everybody has an angle. We’re not all watching common news sources and then drawing our own conclusions. Instead, we’re all watching boutique news shows that spooning out our political porridge as we like to take it. Today Goldilocks even likes her politics hot or cold, anything but average.

Never mind thoughtful discourse. You have to wonder whether campaigns are about governing or whether they have devolved into likes and dislikes, tweets and viral memes. Wasn’t it easier  for candidates to just to kiss a lot of…babies?