Find: Stylus + Pen for $10

A fun accessory at a great price

This colorful stylus could have come from a boutique for $20 but it didn’t – it’s at Bed, Bath & Beyond for $9.99 near the check out and – get this – it’s also a roller ball pen.

On the value side, a stylus is typically $10 by itself, with some of the recognized brands around $14. At this price, it’s like getting a pen for free. This pen + stylus means only one thing to have to keep with your IPad and besides, it’s cute, and there are other patterns.

Wait for the Bed, Bath & Beyond $5 off a $15 purchase and you can pick up this Macbeth stylus+pen along with a $5 item like a votive Yankee Candle for a steal at around ten bucks total. Remember this for a teacher/girlfriend gift or stocking stuffer.

One small complaint: the pen top doesn’t fit over the opposite end of the pen when you have it open, so you can’t consolidate it into one piece while you write.