Gus Mayer Wish List Event Nov 15th – Go Ahead and Wish

Gus Mayer has the right idea for getting you into the holiday shopping spirit. Before gathering everyone else’s Christmas list (and having to deliver on it), Gus Mayer invites you to its Wish List event on November 15th to make YOUR wish list.

That’s a grant of wish number one already: an evening out to look at pretty things and dream a little bit about what you would like. They’ll provide the refreshments, a pleasant browsing experience, and even facials. If nothing else, Wish List Event will be a diversion from all the madding crowds that are about to descend on the shopping malls.

I can’t pretend to be a routine Gus Mayer shopper, but it does have its place in a mom’s repertoire. They have the original designs and accessories that the mass market attempts to copy, so you can get an early glimpse of upcoming trends and examine the quality and features of the “real thing.” There are times when it is preferable to invest in the higher quality, authentic item rather than settle for a cheap copy that doesn’t serve as well.

Then there are luxury brands that are tightly controlled and are rarely discounted anywhere, if at all. For example, Tory Burch is only available at certain stores and the retail price is the same wherever you go. And if you are going to pay for Frye boots, why not buy them in a store like Gus Mayer where you can enjoy personalized service rather than pay the same price to wade through big-store shoe shopping frenzy? A Bobbi Brown lipstick is universal wherever you purchase it, but getting your receipt folded into a little envelope and tucked into your pretty bag…well, who doesn’t like that thoughtful extra touch?

Wander around Gus Mayer on November 15, nibble on a canape, and imagine how you could rock that faux fur vest or buttery leather bag. The whole idea is to briefly indulge your biggest wish – that you could shop with abandon at a store like Gus Mayer!