Hey, There’s a Supermodel in My Land’s End Catalog.

The Land’s End catalog arrived the other day and I was thumbing through the predictable selection of corduroy pants and warmth-rated outerwear when – what’s this? Can it be? Not only a recognizable face among the wool coats, but the famous visage of Niki Taylor, which once gazed out from every magazine cover in the check out line.

Fellow moms, pause to take this in.  We have lived to see the day that Niki Taylor is wearing a regular dress. No plunging neckline, no squinted come-hither eyes, no hair blowing back from a big fan.No rolling around, golden and shimmery, in wet sand (what is it with that anyway? what is more uncomfortable than a paste of wet sand?). Just a smiling girl in a sensible coat. Any of us could own this outfit. Heck, we could even get free shipping.

So Niki is a fellow mom. Except she’s still gorgeous and without a trace of a muffin top, even after twins and a total of FOUR kids. Supermodels…they’re just like the rest of us.