Alternative to Socks and Slippers (As Seen on Talk of Alabama, ABC 33/40)

Yoga – hotel – hospital "shoes"

Check out this indoor footwear by Nufoot. They’re not socks and they’re not shoes, but they are something in between. These are the compromise for folks who don’t want to go barefoot but don’t want to shuffle around in socks, either. Think about all the places you could use these.

  • Yoga class, when you prefer not to walk barefoot on the rec room floor
  • Hotels, where the carpet has seen many a guest
  • Hospital stays, where the hospital gown has already taken so much of your dignity
  • At home – retrieve the newspaper without the stigma of “lazy” that goes with house slippers (you know the neighbors talk)

They have all the fuzzy sock advantages such as being lightweight and foldable (tuck into your purse or travel bag). But they’re also antimicrobial and germ resistant with a water and skid-resistant sole. The price is great, too – super affordable at $9.99.

A pair of Nufoot slippers (hmmm, Nufeet?) might be a good gift for a relative in an assisted living facility or otherwise home bound. Each pair stretches 3 sizes, so it isn’t necessary to be exact. They’re like the Robeez your kids wore, only for adults.

  • Brooke

    These look awesome.

  • Tracy

    I would prefer bare feet with a good pedicure to these.