SKLZ Trainer Workout Mat and Roller; Aquajogger (as seen on ABC 33/40)

Instructions are right on the mat, no extra thinking required

It seems so simple, yet it makes perfect sense: a mat with exercise moves illustrated on the mat itself. So for those of us who can only think of sit ups and push ups when we’re on our own, the TrainerMat for Running/Walking ($29.99) is self guided, with next steps are right in front of us. (Has anyone else torn out a page from Shape magazine and tried to pin it up in your workout space?)

Likewise, the TrainerRoller ($39.99)is a self-guided foam roller to help with stretching and post work-out massage. The stretches are designed by professional trainers for elite athletes, and it’s frankly the closest some of us can get to having a professional trainer or a massage. These are products you can use in any space and then tuck away under the sofa or bed, so no excuses.

A trainer that doesn't yell at you (and you can stuff under the couch)

Speaking of no excuses, PowerStrapz ($99.99) require only one thing, a closed door, for a workout. Lay the adjustable straps over the top of the door, shut it, and use your own weight as resistance to build strength. When you watch the instructional video, you’ll see it’s a good thing you’re behind a closed door as you try this. However, since the straps fold up into a small bag and can be carried anywhere, there’s really no arguing with the convenience.

Pro Performance/SKLZ has an impressive assortment of fitness-related products and you can search by sport. The items mentioned here would be easy additions to your home gym even if yours consists of a rug in front of the television.

Finally, the Aqua Jogger provides a way to use the natural resistance of water to exercise in a low intensity workout. The dumbbells and belt are similar to those you’ve seen used in water aerobics classes at the YMCA. They’re lightweight on land but their resistance in water may surprise you. These products are popular for aquatic rehabilitation therapy as well.