Find: Socks Stay Together in the Wash!

Still together! The dryer stands acquitted.

Granted, we’ve talked a lot about socks ever since they emerged as the new status symbol among kids. It only follows that more socks = more sock problems. Anyone with a dryer knows that the biggest sock problem is finding each mate.

It turns out the solution is at Let’s Get Organized in Homewood. A package of 10 Sock Pro discs is only $3.99, and these things really work! What’s more, they come in five colors so each family member can choose his or her own signature color.

Just pull part of each sock through the flexible rubber disc and wash as normal. The first time I tried one, I was sure the thick, long athletic socks would pull apart between all the agitating and tumbling through the laundry. Happily, they came out just as together as when they went in, and they dried completely. The pie-shaped teeth of a Sock-Pro grip into the fabric to prevent the socks from separating, yet it’s easy enough to pull the socks back out because the discs are so flexible. You only need to insert a small portion of each sock for them to work.

Not very big, but it has a mean grip

It’s a sad day when a mom can proclaim that a sock laundering device changed her life, but here we are. Moms have been battling the sock monster from the first pair of baby booties. For moms of ball players, it only takes a couple of frantic pre-game searches to realize hunting the Other Sock makes a shrew out of anyone.

This is one find that might keep you from that awkward search behind the dryer.