Shoo, Flu

Even the toys are sick?

Why do we seem to go through the same ritual every year? Only a relatively small number of people. often encouraged (or obliged) by their employer, get a flu vaccine while everyone else depends on a herd of vaccinated friends.

Moms, a flu epidemic hits us especially hard. If a family member is sick, we are the ones who are most likely to provide care, requiring time off to take dependents to the doctor and in turn being the person who administers any medication. If we ourselves get sick, then the rest of the family is disrupted in trying to get along without us (dinner, carpool, etc.). We lose either way, because the laundry just keeps piling.

Our own UAB School of Public Health has tried to get word out to us about the importance of vaccination. Another good resource is the CDC itself, which tracks each particular strand of the flu. Their website might as well say, “We told you so.”

There is still time to get a flu vaccination at your doctor’s office or at any number of pharmacies around town. You may yet contract a respiratory virus this winter, but a vaccination will at least lessen the chances of full-blown, take-to-bed flu.