A New Twist on Friendship Bracelets

It’s the loop n loom of our kids generation or rather a much improved version of the friendship bracelet. (Remember spending HOURS tying knots to create a colorful, outward sign of your friendships or to adorn your own arm.).   On a recent trip to the Learning Express in Cahaba Heights, I discovered the Rainbow Loom ($14.99) and the Loop De Doo ($34.99).  The elementary kids that wore hundreds of plastic animal shaped bracelets (yes, that was just 3 yrs ago) are now making bracelets. These make GREAT gifts and you’ll surely have the best of all with these new products.

The Rainbow Loom uses small rubber bands and a tool akin to a knitting needle to weave bracelets and rings.  The Learning Express even holds free classes on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4-5 teaching kids the more difficult techniques and patterns (participants must bring their own loom and supplies).  The initial pack is $14.99 and includes the loom and a starter pack of rubber bands.  Additional rubber band packets are $2.99 each.

The Loop De Doo is more expensive at $34.99 but makes a more substantial bracelet that one might actually purchase in a shop and is a close cousin of the friendship bracelet.   Utilizing the same thread as the friendship bracelet, the Loop De Doo twists to create a tightly wound, colorful bracelet much like those purchased at the beach or an island vacation.  Created by a mom in Michigan, the Loop De Doo was introduced in 2012 to great acclaim following another popular toy called the Talkatoo (a charm that will record a message).  You can even purchase charms to adorn your Loop De Doo creations.

This age group of girls can be hard to peg but rest assured ALL girls in this age group are focused on their friendships and figuring out how to foster relationships that last a lifetime.    Just like my best friend of 30 years now, it all begins with a friendship bracelet!