Birmingham’s Fashion Week, a Preview of What We’ll Be Wearing Whenever Target Gets Around to It

Resort Collections: Feeding the fantasy of actually going to a resort (and getting a new wardrobe for the purpose) Photo credit Chuck St. John

Well, I’m glad someone around here can devote a full week to fashion.

A group of bold, visionary people have decided that the international cities aren’t the only ones deserving of a week to celebrate fashion, so in the spirit of NYC and Paris, we have our own Birmingham Fashion Week for tall, thin people to walk a catwalk and foreshadow what we will be wearing once the concepts make it to the mass market.

This is exciting because there’s nothing like the energy of creative people and seeing ideas come to life in costume. It’s a treat because for the typical mom, sartorial pursuits don’t get much of a priority these days. There are plenty of ultra-fashionable moms who take great pride in wearing the latest trends and dressing their kids in the same, but it’s fair to say that most of us (who aren’t fashion or design professionals) aren’t on the cutting edge of couture.

As for myself, I have abandoned any goal of being on trend and am simply trying not to be altogether out of fashion. (For those of you who think you’re looking fine, just wait until you have a tween in your life). It’s a risk to go to the hair salon and scan the magazines on “What’s In” and “What’s Out.” Things move from the former category into the latter in the space of time it takes for your highlights to process.

There was a time when I could laugh along with those Glamour magazine photos of some hapless fashion victim on the street in her reinforced toe pantyhose, but now I find myself feeling more empathy (was she up with a sick baby? Does she have the courage to face a full-length mirror? It’s so easy to confuse black and navy in the morning…).

Back to the tween influence, you know you’ve given up the fashion vanguard when you find yourself saying in a wounded voice, “But what’s wrong with this?”  or my mom’s old favorite rejoinder, “I’ll have you know, this is a classic.

Still, fashion is fun even if we have to lag behind a tiny bit. I’m grateful that we have so many choices and that runway styles are inevitably adapted into affordable, busy mom versions. Fashion Week at Pepper Place Feb. 28 – March 2nd is a chance for us to see what’s coming and forget about the yoga pants uniform for awhile.

* I feel I must stand up for myself here and say that I think I do alright – I’m not in mom jeans and theme sweaters. However, I just have to hope a good bag and a good pair of boots will excuse whatever else isn’t working.