Your Health: Mental and Physical Strength for Mom through Pilates

My body has never been the same since my children were born, how about yours?

Not only do I LOOK like a mom I feel like one too – occasional low back pain and remnants of that 3rd trimester sciatica. My new workout is lifting my 25 pound toddler from her slumber, picking up toys and, well, everything off the floor.     Birmingham Mom and physical therapist, Lisa Altamirano, understands this reality and recently introduced Pilates Reformer to her clinic for exactly this reason – YOUR HEALTH!

Pilates is a fitness discipline emphasizing spinal and pelvic alignment, core strength, breathing, coordination and balance through very controlled movement.  The Pilates Reformer goes a step further – it is a unique piece of equipment that insures correct position and resistance.

With Altamirano, Julie Turner (a certified Pilates instructor) can provide moms with one-on-one instruction in a private, office setting – insuring that Moms, like us, will not injure ourselves further or (let’s be honest) feel intimidated by an established Pilates class at the nearby gym!  With additional therapists and Julie Turner on staff, Agile Physical Therapy provides the most comprehensive and safe workout in Birmingham.

So, we asked a few questions……

Why is Pilates Reformer beneficial for Moms? “Pilates gives moms on the go a chance to focus on themselves, using breath and awareness, to balance the stress of everyday life.  It strengthens the entire body, adapts movements for post pregnancy and eases pain that comes with carrying kids, working all day and completing household tasks.  Awesome for all levels of moms, from the stroller pusher to the triathlete.”

Why Pilates Reformer? “The Pilates equipment drew me in because it is a full body and mind workout that is very individualized.  It is not about how much weight you are pushing or pulling but about control of movement and coordination of movement.  Pilates is for everyone.”

How does the appointment work? “At Agile, we incorporate some Pilates work into every physical therapy visit for the injured patient, as appropriate.  If you are not injured, you too can get in on the experience:  you can come to a private or duet session where we will discuss your fitness goals and take the time to understand your medical history.  Each session is an hour long individualized workout, which begins slowly and progresses at your particular pace, wishes and needs.  You will feel the work physically and mentally in a great energized way.”

February “Get Fit” Special:

Private Pilates Apparatus – package of 5 = $250 or 10 sessions =$500 (savings of $20 per session).


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