Best Finds for Summer Founder, Tina Holt, has been writing about her favorite local ‘finds’ for over five years.   Here are some of her best discoveries and ideas for moms as we enter the spring season.

Easily our number one recommendation for ball park Moms is Fels Naptha – a soap that removes red dirt stains.  For more info, read AFavorite of Ball Park Moms.   This magical soap can be purchased at Walmart and several other locations.  It also lasts FOREVER – you might only buy one, ever.

Another favorite — a device that keeps socks together in the wash.  The ideal solution for keeping those soccer and baseball socks together.  How much time have we spent hunting socks?  I hate to even think about it.

As we endure ball season and prepare for camps, remember to purchase a thin, quick drying towel.  There are few things that fill our laundry faster or spoil an entire bag than a thick, wet towel.   Read more here.

Another camp favorite for the younger kids – No Tie Shoelaces. These brightly colored shoe laces keep shoes tied even when little fingers cannot manage the knot.   You’ll be a favorite of the camp counselors.

Your feet — they are already exposed.  Let us introduce you to your new best friend – Mr. Pumice.  Mr. Pumice is cheap and enables you to keep your feet in shape without regular pedicures.  Need we say more.

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