“Daddy’$ Money” Shoes for Tween Girls. What Does Mom Think?

From the Daddy'$ Money website.

Have you seen the advertisements for Daddy’$ Money shoes? These are a line of Chuck Taylor style (thick white sole and toe) sneakers for girls with – gasp! – two inch secret wedges inside. They’re basically heeled sneakers with the heel covered in fabric. Leaving aside matters of taste, let’s break this down.

First, the secret wedge feature, which is perplexing. Are there are lot of tween girls who long to be taller, so much so that they will wear secret heels? Because as I recollect, most girls grew into their height well before the boys and weren’t keen on emphasizing it. Could the appeal be the thrill of wearing heels in a kid sort of way? I’m guessing most pediatricians and podiatrists would not be enthusiastic about kids’ growing feet prancing around in heels.

Second, the impression in this image, which is straight from the Daddy’$ Money website. Crop top, acrylic nails, “Who wants Daddy’$ Money?” This looks more like the ads you see in the back of tourist magazines for cities like Tampa or Atlanta. For clubs named Cheetah.

Finally, the “Daddy’$ Money” brand itself. This sticks in my craw more than anything else. The approach of marketing to females as spenders of men’s money is so two centuries ago. Granted, most of the target market here is on an allowance and probably is limited in methods of securing secret wedge shoes. But making a play for Daddy’s money is not the way.

The Daddy’s Money notion is contrary to the message I want for my daughter and for girls in general. Women haven’t gained economic independence and choices to tell our girls to go beg Daddy. We’re not getting advanced degrees, or commuting to the office, or wearing a hardhat, or rocking an infant at midnight just so our girls can aspire to manipulating somebody else for the things they want. We can create our own means, and that is much more satisfying.

So here’s my advice to Daddy’$ Money: Whoever’s got the money, it’s Momma who spends it. And you can bet she isn’t going to take her daughter to buy shoes and give all the credit to daddy.

  • Nelii

    Actually, all the girls in my school are short(highschool) and everyoe ends up wearing heels even though they are so not casual. I think these are amazing<3

  • Tina

    Nelii, thanks so much for your input. Sounds like heels are pretty popular at school and the girls would prefer to walk a little taller. It’s funny that these hidden heels are such a hit – whenever I go to the trouble of wearing heels, I want them to show! : )

  • keeli

    I wish I had these…wait b-day comin up soon. woohoo!