Mother’s Day Gifts that Help the Community

Mother’s Day is around the corner.   While kids and spouses may adequately prepare for your day, Mom is still in charge of organizing the gift giving, cards and lunch for grandmothers, beloved aunts and friends of the family.

If your mothers are like mine, they really do not ‘need’ anything and in some case truly do no want anything that can be purchased in a retail store.  Gifts of the heart matter on Mother’s Day. Here are a few ideas that will acknowledge your mothers and strengthen the lives of others moms in our community.

For a minimum $25 donation, The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham will send a beautiful card to your mother, aunt or friend conveying the importance of women in our lives and that their gift will empower others in our community.  This organization utilizes those funds to support the economic security of women and girls and is playing a key role in the reduction of sex trafficking of minors in our community.  Among their programs, The Women’s Fund is working to provide childcare, housing and transportation supports for single mothers pursuing additional skills that will improve their incomes.   If moms have resources, their children will be safe, healthy, educated and ready for a brighter future.

Another great opportunity for Mother’s Day is the YWCA Flower Sale.  The YWCA directly supports the safety and security of women and children by providing childcare, housing, legal services and support to families in transition.  You can support their work at Mother’s Day through their annual flower sale.  In its 28th year, the YWCA flower sale will be held on Friday, May 10th.  Pre-sales are going on now through corporate representatives.  If you are not associated with one of these companies, flowers can be purchased at the Harbert Plaza downtown or at the Ray & Poynor Building in Mountain Brook.   Funds from this event directly support Kids Korner.

There are several, interesting international options as well.  I’ve always been a fan of the Heifer project that enables one to purchase a food or income producing animal for families in developing countries.   You can bring this giving full circle for your own children by reading the children’s book Beatrice’s Goat.   Additionally, UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) has two options.  You can select and purchase gifts online at the UNICEF shopping site.  Or, you can give a useful gift to a needy child.  The list alone is interesting to read as it ranges from a mosquito net at $18.57 to a water pump a t $500.  Visit Inspired Gifts for more information.

Overall, spending a few, thoughtful minutes today arranging for such a gift means that your role for Mother’s Day will be complete and you can simply enjoy the rest.