Ten Things to Remember on Your Way to Safety

Storms are rolling into the area and schools are ending the day early.  As we prepare to take cover, I made a mental list of the items I need to remember for what may be an afternoon in the basement!

(1) Bicycle Helmets for adults and kids – Previous experience demonstrates that bicycle helmets (if the worst happens) reduces injuries.

(2) Lantern / Flashlights

(3) Fully charged cell phone

(4) A few snacks and water bottles (especially if you head to safety near a meal time)

(5) Shoes, preferably on feet.  It’s easy to head to safety in our bare or socked feet but; if you incur damage, shoes will be necessary.

(6) Pillows and blanket – a creature comfort but also another way to keep your family safe.

(7) Non-electronic entertainment.   The excitement of the basement lasts about 5 minutes and then we must entertain the kids.  Think about card games, simple board games (not too many pieces) or word association games that don’t require any equipment.

(8) Pets

(9) Weather radio

(10) And, finally, for mom.  An indulgent magazine (picked up when you bought the milk and bread), diet coke and Advil.

Here’s to hoping all of the preparation is for naught.