“Escape Into Reading” – Summer Adult Reading Theme at Hoover Library

Only one problem – nobody is going with me on my escape.

That thundering, squealing noise you hear in your head is the approaching herd of children who are about to be out of school for the summer. They’ve been academically useless for the last two weeks and can only think of summertime and being out in the wide, wide world of their own back yards or your back seat as you shuttle them to camps and lessons.

So Hoover Library’s Summer Adult Reading  theme of  “Escape Into Reading” is a proper objective for your mom summer. Sure, it’s all fun and games right now as you readjust schedules and indulge in swimming, vacation, and chasing fireflies instead of homework assignments. But in a few weeks, you will be ready to pass out the water bottles and retreat to the playground sideline for a mental vacation of your own.

The great thing about the summer reading program for adults is that it offers you an excuse for some fun. For every five books you read, you may register for prizes donated by area merchants and Friends of the Library. First prize is a Kindle Fire, surely the equivalent of winning a bicycle in the kids’ reading program. You could win movie tickets and feel completely justified in using them for a grown-up movie instead of an animated feature.