Nordstrom Rack Opens in Birmingham

A new store to plunder!

Woo-hoo, a promising new shopping spot is set to open in Birmingham, and with Nordstrom in the name, you know it won’t be the same old merchandise.

Nordstrom Rack is the “off price” (a.k.a., discount) sister of the vaunted Nordstrom’s, the upscale clothing retailer. Nordstrom carries designer labels, meaning there are some classic investment pieces along with edgy, statement pieces.  The latter category might sound impractical for the average mom’s wardrobe, but if you’re needing something to jazz up the same-old, same-old, Nordstrom Rack is a good place to search for designer styles at reduced prices. The Rack carries women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing as well as accessories.

Nordstrom Rack is one of those hit-or-miss places that require keen hunting skills, and you’ll have to visit often to check out the changing merchandise. If you’re one of those people whose feels an adrenaline surge when you see the shipment arrive at TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack needs to be on your regular circuit.

The Birmingham store opens May 16th at River Center, which you probably know as the shopping strip in the front of Target on Hwy 280.