Find: Shampoo Strong Enough for Tween Boy (Oily) Hair

Your sweet baby boy needs the strong stuff nowadays

My, how the kids giggled about watching the educational video on puberty in class: “Just Around the Corner.” Getting past the annoyingly catchy tune, the video promised a metamorphosis with body hair, body odor, and an oily T-zone. Despite the tone of optimism, puberty sounded pretty like a pretty dismal passage into adulthood.

Now the T-zone has come to pass and so has oily hair. Boys are favoring slightly longer hairstyles, especially bangs, and even morning and afternoon showers may not be enough to keep their hair bouncin’ and behavin’. (Right now a dad is saying the cure for this is a visit to the barber shop and a #2 trimmer, but there are plenty of moms who like their boys’ longer style).

I’m generally not enthralled with expensive hair products,but after weeks of fussing at my son about his hair and trying several products, I was receptive when a stylist cutting my son’s hair gently suggested that she knew of a shampoo that could cure a grease-bomb. Actually, she didn’t say that, but I got her point.

When she assured me that only a dime-size amount was needed and the bottle would last awhile, I was willing to try it. I’m glad we did, since this Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo has been transforming. The kid’s hair is shiny and still smells fresh even into the afternoon. Barring sports or playing outside in the heat, it doesn’t feel necessary to direct him to the shower right after dinner. The rosemary/tea tree fragrance is masculine enough that I don’t have to plead with him to use it, and it’s not overwhelming like Axe, which is enough to choke a mom who is beyond the otherwise irresistible effects implied in the commercials.

At $12 or so a bottle, it’s not cheap, but watch for Ulta’s regular coupon for 20% off or $3.50 off a purchase of $10 or more. It’s true that only a small amount is needed, even though a busy summertime with two showers a day takes a lot of shampoo. Unlike girls, boys don’t have a lot of products to help them cope with what’s just around the corner of puberty (medicated concealer, face powder, ponytails), so it seems that an effective shampoo is the least we can get for them.