Manscaping – Are You Out of the Shower Yet?

Guys, welcome to the upkeep of whole body grooming

At some point along the cultural path, women lost their petticoats and started raising their hemlines. Someone (in retrospect, this was most likely a marketing executive at a disposable razor company) decided that that women’s legs looked better shaved, and the biggest grooming headache besides hair curlers was begun.

Now hair removal has been elevated to an artistic pursuit in itself.* Just as women started getting their own shaving products (pause a moment here in tribute to the Daisy razor), men are now getting their own products for hair removal. Now Nair “we-love-short-shorts” is marketing hair removal products for men, including Shower Power for men’s coarser hair and a spray for those harder to reach places. The ad message says to use Nair and get beach ready – but “the abs are up to you.”

Well boys, you have opened quite a Pandora’s box of grooming here. I think we women are all delighted by the prospect of better abs on the beach, but you are about to find out what we’ve known all along; namely, that staying hair-free will take at least as much dedication as your ab-building gym visits.

You guys have no idea of the effort it takes for women to stay groomed. There are countless complications behind the scenes that we have to work around – we choose hair color based on the required frequency of salon visits; we avoid open-toed shoes until the next pedicure; we fret over sleeveless blouses. You are about to have a taste of what it is like to wonder, did I shave my legs (or in your case, chest) for this?

While an increased emphasis on masculine grooming is encouraging and even overdue (your wife should not have to suggest nose hair clippers), it’s only fair to warn you that complete hair removal is the start down a slippery slope. Once you start, you either have to commit to maintenance of go through grow out. If you are the fellow whose 5 o’clock shadow appears at 3 o’clock then you may benefit from stronger products. However, most women would say John Hamm’s scruffy shadow is plenty appealing.

From the female perspective, if your abs are so good you need to shave just to show off all that definition, then go for it. But the day you start swiping our creams/potions and spending more time in the shower than we do, we will have a problem.

*Spas offer an entire menu of waxing options. Some womens’ specialty shaving packages come with stencils. That’s all there is to say about that.