New Book Set in Birmingham Hits Shelves Thursday

This Thursday, June 13th, Alabama Booksmith will host the launch of a new, young adult (tween) book set in Birmingham. The Hidden Summer by Gin Phillips beautifully recounts the story of two young girls that escape to an abandoned golf and putt-putt course in response to a quarrel among their mothers.   My daughter just escaped to camp with this treasured book in tow and I can report that it is capturing her attention even in a cabin with 20 other girls.

Gin Phillips is an award-winning author residing in the Birmingham area.  A mom, friend, wife and daughter, Gin can pass a golf course in Birmingham and create an entire fiction story described in such detail that you wonder if she actually sees the world differently.  When the rest of us see a tree, she sees the shades of green, hears the rustle of leaves and might even go so far as to ascribe a personality to the tree.  It’s in this space that Phillips will transport your children to a magical place set in Birmingham.   Your child will love reading this story, especially after listening to Gin talk about her inspiration for the story.

Snacks may also be involved!

Celebrate reading and local mom, Gin Phillips, on Thursday from 4-6pm at Alabama Booksmith (2626 19th Place South) in Homewood.