Back to Reading; Swag for Summer Readers

Birmingham's Books-A-Million finally launched a kids' summer reading promotion

Perhaps the school years are when we join one of two camps: readers who search for the perfect books for their long-anticipated reading time, and non-readers who view the season as three glorious months without having to touch a book.

Before unconsciously joining either group as an adult, children need to read over summer in order to avoid the “summer slide” of losing some of that hard-earned progress made during the school year. If you’ve let the kids put off summer reading assignments or stay too occupied with outdoor fun to crack a book, you’ve got time to add reading back into the routine for August.

You have plenty of resources to encourage your child in summer reading. Reading is Fundamental has a number of suggestions for families, and you know you can count on the library to offer an enthusiastic summer reading program. You may not know that reading can also earn your child swag at book retailers. At Barnes & Noble, your child can earn a free book from a list of age-appropriate selections. Books-a-Million* has finally begun a summer reading promotion, with a free Carl Hiaasen Hoot or Chomp backpack (such clever designs!).

You still have several weeks of summer left. Now that the dog days are arriving, get your kids back into reading any way you can. Let the bribes begin.

*Scold for our Birmingham headquartered Books-A-Million: We love that you joined forces with Carl Hiassen, best-selling children’s book author, to begin a summer reading program. What took so long to get on board with a summer reading promotion? You do realize that the next generation of readers is being groomed right now. We moms are your best advocates in getting new readers into your stores, buying books and even the upsell merchandise like smelly candles, gourmet coffee or yogurt. Summer is a busy time; give us a reason to come in and browse your store.