Patriotic Pet Adoptions for $17.76

Oliver, one of the dogs available for adoption at Shelby County Humane Society and ADORABLE

If you’ve been considering adding a pet to your family, July is a great month to do so. In honor of our nation’s Declaration of Independence, the Shelby County Humane Society is offering pet adoptions for the reduced fee of $17.76. Fees are waived entirely for active military and veterans.

A pet is one of the most rewarding experiences of growing up together as a family. If your childhood included a beloved pet, you don’t need to be convinced. If you have been on the fence about whether it’s time to invite a pet into your life, imagine how a shelter animal could offer a new, furry perspective to your family.

The Shelby County Humane Society’s $17.76 adoption fee includes:

  • spay or neuter
  • age-appropriate vaccinations and deworming
  • medical check-up
  • 30 days of pet insurance
  • microchip

It seems crass to say this is a “good deal” when we are talking about one of the great relationships of your family’s life. Let’s just say the Humane Society is making it especially easy for you to add to your brood this July. After you’ve bonded with your pet, you’ll be making your own Declaration of Dependence – on wet noses, tummy rubs, and curled-up naps at your feet.