Find: Brush Especially for Tangles

It's a hair brush

Your mother was the first person to discover that your hair tangled easily. If you remember the torture that followed after a shampoo, you sympathize with your own kid writhing on your lap now as you try to tease out the knots even after creme rinse and a few sprays of detangler.

Now there are a series of brushes that claim to work through tangles painlessly. A mom shared that she discovered the KnotGenie when she took her 5 year old daughter for a hair cut and the stylist used it.. The stylist old her they had great results with anxious children. She reports she has no problem pulling the KnotGenie through her daughter’s thick hair and that the post-shampoo brush out is a non event. The energy for battle is now spent keeping her daughter still for braiding or bow tying.

short bristles seem to be the key

The KnotGenie isn’t your only option. There are mass market versions available at Walgreens and other retailers that have similar designs such as shorter bristles and no handle (could it be that the handle is part of the tangle trouble?). Look for them priced anywhere from $10 to $19 and in adult or smaller versions for children.