Silvertron Café: Good food and community spirit served daily

The Silvertron Café is a Birmingham institution.  To really be “from” Birmingham, you have to enjoy at least one evening at this Forest Park icon.   Named for the television repair shop that previously occupied the space, Silvertron Café opened in 1986 and cemented its future in the Forest Park community.    I remember visiting the restaurant as a BSC student over 20 years ago on a Monday Night (Pasta Night) when the café serves a huge helping of delicious pastas for $7.95 each.    As students, we voted on the best Silvertron dessert – the Forest Park Pie or the Bailey’s Brownie (a debate that was finally settled by my children).

The café changed ownership in 2006 but much of the menu remained the same.  In an article, owner Marco Morosini remarked that neighbors would “threaten us about the menu” expressing their hopes that favorite dishes would still be served.    Marco Morosini’s commitment to community showed itself early and, indeed, many of the favorites continued.   Not surprisingly, Silvertron fully embraced the idea of Birmingham Restaurant Week and put together one of the best tasting menus in the city.   Lunch ($10) and dinner ($20) fixed price options are available this week with suggestions for wine, beer or martini pairings.   I enjoyed the baked cheese and tomato bisque, pork medallions with homemade kale chips and ended with frozen chocolate mousse.   The meal offered wonderful flavors: creamy soup thanks to a healthy spoonful of goat cheese, deliciously salted kale chips, mild honey/BBQ spice with the pork, and a chocolate mousse finish (consumed too quickly to even snap a picture).    Having spent over 20 years enjoying the same, favorite meals at Silvertron, it was a treat to experience a different side of the menu.

Until Tuesday, I thought I had ‘outgrown’ Silvertron but the thoughtful BRW menu served as an important reintroduction.  As well, this is a neighborhood restaurant where kids aren’t just welcome – they are expected.    Moms will appreciate kids menu items like grilled chicken with a vegetable side or the burger trio (pictured) that would satisfy three children.   Silvertron is budget-friendly, interesting (especially if you live in a suburban neighborhood) and a beloved community partner.

Morosini was quick to provide neighbors with a dropoff point for donations following the April 27th tornado handling delivery of those goods downtown.  An active participant in the merchant association, he spearheaded Movies in Avondale Park which drew 2,300 people this summer and he is excited about a recent partnership with Avondale Elementary School to promote a school garden. Notably, Silvertron won Birmingham’s Retailer of the Year and is a finalist for Alabama Retailer of the Year.

Take a break from the chain restaurants and introduce your family to the atmosphere and fun of a true neighborhood restaurant.  Visit the Forest Park business district to enjoy Silvertron, V Richards, Zoe’s, Full Circle and Naked Art Gallery.   Let us know – Bailey’s Brownie or Forest Park Pie!

Click here for Silvertron’s Birmingham Restaurant Week Menu.

Visit this page for Silvertron’s main menu.  Reasonable prices and a wide variety for the family.

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