Top Ten Reasons to attend Birmingham Restaurant Week

From August 16-25th, Birmingham restaurants will participate in a week-long event promoting the city’s food scene by offering special, fixed price menus to guests.   Here are the top ten reasons you should make your plans now for BRW2013.

  1. Good deals: We had to start here because Moms love a great deal and BRW2013 is just that.  Many of the fixed priced options provide a selection of items at a lower price.  For example, Slice pizza will provide an appetizer, entrée and dessert for $30/person (based on average prices a $35-$40 value).
  2. No cooking (planning or cleanup): It’s the first week of school. You’ll appreciate the night off.
  3. Girls Night Out: You’ve juggled the kids all summer and a GNO is long overdue. Email the girls now and pick your spot.
  4. Birmingham’s incredible food scene: BRW is the perfect opportunity to try a new restaurant or revisit a favorite.  We’ll have reviews of new experiences at The Gardens Café but we’re also going to revisit Michael’s (I’ve yet to visit their not-so-new location!).
  5. Introduce teen children to white table cloth experience: Ocean, Highlands, Veranda and Hot & Hot are definitely reserved for special, parent-only occasions but older children need the experience of a white table cloth restaurant.  You’ve spent years drilling math and summer reading lists and this is a final step in preparing him/her for a job interview or business closing.
  6. Entice young children to eat differently: It’s easy to prepare the same meals and visit the same restaurants.  At times, we can order for each other in my family.   Birmingham boasts some of the finest chefs and many restaurants diligently use locally sourced goods.  A fresh, locally sourced tomato from Freshfully might turn your picky eater around.  Although, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried High Road Craft ice cream (Freshfully’s dessert following your healthy veggie sandwich!)
  7. Kids love the scene: A pizza thrown at Davenport’s, the ultra-modern bathrooms at 26, patio dining at Slice, sitting inside a museum at Oscar’s or taking a road trip to Rusty’s BBQ in Leeds – kids notice the details and appreciate creativity.
  8. Kid’s Menu at Asian Rim Sushi Company: Check out this fun menu from Asian Rim Sushi Company including items like a Monkey Roll (peanut butter/banana on white bread rolled like sushi with a honey dipping sauce),   Scooby Doo Roll, and a Ninja Bento Box.
  9. Sidewalk Film Festival: It’s official.  Birmingham has arrived.  There are several cool events going on at once and this combo is the ideal dinner and movie night!  Check out the SFF schedule and make your BRW reservations today.
  10. PARTIES: Seriously. This group didn’t stop at a Preview Party (August 7th at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute).   BRW Founder, James Little, has lined up Beer Saturdays at Good People Brewing on August 17th and 24th from 1-3pm ($10/ticket), and Wine-ol-ogy on Tuesday, August 20th from 5:30-7:30 at the Wine Loft.  Enjoy great food, live entertainment and a wine flight by Rush wines for just $20/person.

Have fun savoring Birmingham’s food community!    We will visit several restaurants during the week -posting pictures, reviews and ideas for you. Stay tuned.