Civil Rights Trail App Marks Timeline of Events in Alabama

Civil Rights Trail App reminds you of the historical landmarks that surround us

The state of Alabama is a fixture in the narrative of the Civil Rights Movement, but do you find yourself having difficulty remembering the sequence of events that defined the era?

The Alabama Department of Tourism has created a free app that outlines the significant events of the Civil Rights struggle, bringing the momentum of the Movement to life on your smart phone or device. This interactive tool can help all of us understanding the Movement’s impact. Besides locations and dates, the app describes the resulting legislation that was the real objective of the movement for equal rights under the law.

Use the Civil Rights Trail app to learn about the legacy that our kids must inherit and rise above. The app give parents and teachers a way to engage kids in history in the touch-and-swipe manner they prefer. CLICK HERE to download the app.

Nothing beats a first hand account of those times, so consider having your child use the app to spark a discussion with a  grandparent or other contemporary of the Movement. Both generations will be fascinated by the experience of bringing historical events to life in their respective ways, whether electronically or via old fashioned memory.