Vestavia’s Temple is Blue for Operation Blue Shield and National Night Out

Sybil Temple is Blue for Operation Blue Shield

Drive over the crest of Shades Mountain on Hwy 31 and you’ll notice the Sibyl Temple, always reliably white and stalwart, is glowing blue in the evenings. This isn’t an epic student prank, but rather a light scheme that has the cooperation of the Vestavia Hills Police Department itself.

The blue lighting of the temple is to draw attention Operation Blue Shield, which is an effort to promote safe driving and remind us that we can  avoid the “blue lights” of traffic citations, fender benders, and accidents caused by distracted driving.  (I ask you, does anything focus your attention as dramatically as the sight of blue lights in your rear view mirror? Other than a kid suddenly screaming, “Mom!”?)

On Tuesday, October 1st, the VHPD and its community partners will be celebrating National Night Out on the campus of Vestavia Hills United Methodist Church from 6 – 8:30 p.m. Sponsors such as Target, Two Men and a Truck, and the Vestavia Hills Rotarian Club are providing a variety of family-friendly interactions such as live music, free food, and a hot air balloon.

Public servants such who keep us safe and secure will also be on hand to share the services they provide. You may be surprised to learn of programs such as the prescription drug lockbox or Collision Avoidance Training, a program offered by the VHPD for teen drivers. The whole point of National Night Out is to bring the community into contact with its public safety providers and recognize that security requires the cooperation of the entire community.

When you consider that a Vestavia Hills resident can take reasonable precautions to lock doors and secure valuables but not live in constant fear, you know that the VHPD and residents are doing their best to keep the community relaxed yet vigilant. National Night Out lets you get to know your local officers without a flashing blue light.