Find: Fun Fall Decor

Instead of browsing Pinterest for craft ideas you’ll never get around to using, consider one of the best local sources for crafts that are well-executed and reasonably priced. You could save yourself a frustrating weekend laboring over glue sticks and fabric notions.

This tin man has a heart

The Assistance League of Birmingham’s retail store, Primetime Treasures in Homewood, is stocked with a good selection of cute seasonal items right now.  Check out the Tin Man for some Oz-inspired Halloween fun ($26). How about the sweetgum wreath with a note that says the pods were gathered on the Nathez Trace? Doesn’t that feel better than reading “made in China” on a tiny gold sticker?

The Kudzu does make me a little nervous…could it start to grow and overtake the kitchen?

These leaf-imprint tea towels and napkins are bold, fun and inexpensive. Towel sizes are $12 and a set of 4 napkins (fern frond imprint, no letters) is only $8. Considering that your purchase supports older artists, it’s a good way to help your community. It’s also  as affordable as Hobby Lobby without the danger of temptation from crafting supplies.