Elevate Personal Blogs with #bloglikecrazy November

We’ve cried with you, lost weight with you, followed amazing adoption stories and devastating illnesses.  We view albums of birthdays, trips to the zoo, Halloween costumes and even dinners run amok.  We laugh as you rant about a teacher or consider the values you want to instill in your children.  Thanks to the internet, we are deeply connected through pictures and words.  Yet, writing and words do not always come easily and the day-to-day need for content can dampen your blog/Facebook/Twitter posting spirit.

This month, local writer and blogger Javacia Harris Bowser with See Jane Write Magazine and Writeous Babe is encouraging all of us to #bloglikecrazy.  Just get something out there everyday for 30 days straight.  The process of getting words on a screen is enough to spur creativity and turbocharge your writing.  Acclaimed authors know this fact and many write a minimum number of words per day.  In his book, On Writing, Stephen King mentions his own 1,000 words per day discipline.

So here’s your excuse.  Write a post every day during the month of November.  Visit the See Jane Write Facebook group and be sure to tweet your posts using #bloglikecrazy.  Just write and get something out there each day.    Need ideas for posts – check out these helpful tips from See Jane Write.

Ultimately, the winner is YOU because at the end of it all your blog is really for YOU.   Like most, it started as your online journal and it will end that way.  Thanks to #bloglikecrazy you’ll have more content to enjoy from the rocking chair!

We are going to attempt this feat ourselves at BirminghamMom.com.  Our readers can expect more and varied content from us during November as we challenge ourselves to get a little more personal and seek new topics.   Have fun — we can’t wait to see your posts.

We can’t wait to see your posts!

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