Heirloom Handmade Stockings

Did your grandmother skip the part of her stereotype where she was supposed to knit sweaters for the family? Ours too! But there is a local octogenarian who can knit something more artful than a sweater – a beautiful heirloom stocking from your choice of more than 15 patterns.

There is even a little pearl bead to "light" Santa's lamp

Be aware, craftsmanship like this comes at a price – $88, to be exact. However, this isn’t the generic catalog stocking you’ve seen on every mantle. Notice the artist  can do every version of Santa Claus, from old world to modern, and in a couple of versions she adds the touch of a fuzzy beard. Every possible holiday motif is here, including reindeer, gingerbread man/woman, toy soldiers, even Mrs. Claus. They each have a lot of personality and seem nothing like the imported, mass produced versions we see everywhere.

You’ll have to order right away, as it takes about a week for her to fulfill an order. The stockings are at Prime Time Treasures in Homewood, where you can look over an example of each pattern and order the one you prefer.