Stop Searching for Outlets: Charging Station for Family

Here’s a reasonably priced charging solution for all the family electronic devices that you’re rounding up every night to recharge. (Feel free to spend more on a ‘power mat’ )

This $12.95 Duracell charger increases your outlet’s capacity but also has two direct USB ports, so that’s  two fewer adaptors that you’ll need in order to charge the iPods, iPads, and other items that already require more pieces than you can sort.

This is my new bedside solution for managing the kids’ phones (which are confiscated at night) as well as my iPad. It’s also a must-have for travel now because hotel rooms never have enough outlets to go around, and it was bad enough when we only had to fight over who slept on which bed. I can charge the Kindle, the camera, and the video camera without creating booby traps of electrical wires around the room.

The prongs retract into the back of the charger, so no snagging on clothes or paper in your baggage. Also, it has a “shelf” along the top that is handy for at least one cell phone, so I figure that’s one less thing we are likely to A) leave behind, or B) step on and crush.

Another great device, especially on trips when cell phones use the battery more, is a Duracell Powerhouse Charger (more power, two devices at once) or the Duracell Instant USB Charger/Includes Universal Cable with USB & mini USB, 1 Count) (just $12.50 on Amazon – click the link).  With this small device, you can instantly bring that ipad back to life on a long car ride or your phone at the end of a long day at Disney (note: recent experience using the Disney App, phone and camera means no phone at the end of the day).