Moms in Training Program Launches This Spring

Beginning this Spring, the Alabama chapter of the Leukemia Society will host Moms in Training (MIT).  This program, modeled after their Team in Training program, offers a 9-week supervised running / walking program that will end with a group 5k run on May 17th at the Birmingham Zoo.

For moms, this is a great opportunity to kick-start a fitness routine and meet other moms.  The trained coaches are on-site and, if you begin to have any pains, they can watch you run and tell you why your back or hip might be hurting.    It’s great and in return the Moms raise funds for families facing a Leukemia diagnosis.   Watch this video and the moms crying as they hear another mom talk about her child.  (I wish I could hand you a tissue through the screen).

Don’t be afraid of the fundraising.  The goal for each is $500 but the average raised by moms is $1,500.  The Leukemia Society will train you to run and to fundraise. will also.

I can personally attest to the professionalism of the Leukemia Society staff and the experience of team training.  Seventeen years ago (so long ago that I feel that it doesn’t count), following the death of a dear friend from cancer, I joined the Team in Training program which challenged us to raise funds and run a marathon.  The idea seemed impossible when I read the brochure but one introductory meeting and a few short runs provided me with some assurance that THEY’D get me to the finish line. Unbelievably, they did!  The team running on Saturday mornings, even when I didn’t initially want to go, always turned into a fun experience and definitely helped me find the discipline to train during the week.     The team running experience is special and the Leukemia Society has fostered this type of fitness/fundraising experience for many years (before email!).  They are pros!

This group will host open runs on March 15th and March 22nd at Vestavia’s Wald Park formoms to check out the program without commitment.   From there, the group will train for 9 weeks and then run the Birmingham Zoo 5k on May 17th.

You’ll smile all the way to the finish line!!

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