Find: Go-to Nail Polish, Lasts, Inexpensive

Surprise: A smooth, inexpensive polish that holds up as well as pricier brands

You know Wet N Wild, the dirt cheap cosmetics brand at drugstores and discount retailers. If you were leery of the products because they seem too gaudy and inexpensive to be any good, you should know that the brand has a neutral nail polish that performs as well as salon formulas.

Wet N Wild’s Sugar Coat is a great alternative to Essie’s Mademoiselle or Ballet Slippers, or OPI’s Coney Island Cotton Candy. It’s a soft white with pink undertones, a shade that simply looks polished rather than painted, and the upside for busy moms is that chips hardly show.

A bottle is typically $1.99, or one fourth the price of a premium brand.  The extra-wide, flat brush takes no more than two strokes to cover each nail. When you’re doing your own manicure during any spare time you can get, a feature like a good brush helps.

Because the polish lasts as long as any other (not considering a salon topcoat), you can get good mileage out of your manicure. As inexpensive as Wet N Wild is, you can keep extra bottles handy for touch ups at any time (car, desk drawer, bedside). And thanks to 24 hour drug stores, you can find it most anywhere at anytime, even on vacation or on the way to an evening out (anyone else ever paint her nails while riding in the car on the way to dinner?)