Mass-Market Mom Attends Birmingham Fashion Week

I would lose all credibility when fussing with my son about his bangs.

Birmingham Fashion Week was a triumph and we can all be proud that our city has a fashion-conscious, creative class that can make it all happen. I’m glad somebody is handling this.

My fashion attitude is one of casual concern, as in, I’m not trying to be fashionable, I am just trying not to be decidedly Out of Fashion. Nothing marks you as past your prime like wearing an over-and-done trend, and I think I speak for many of the population who aren’t even monitoring trends so much as looking up now and then to see if what we’re wearing should embarrass us already (not our kids, of course; in fact, you’re even more embarrassing to them if you are on the front end of a trend).

Could I ever concentrate while wearing houndstooth with plaid? Or while wearing plaid pants in general?

I’ve been around long enough to have gone through straight legs, wide legs, boot cuts, skinny cuts, and back to whatever is next. I can even date photos by whatever I’m wearing. Sometimes I spy a photo and sigh about that dress I loved but gave up reluctantly, and sometimes I am taken aback to realize that same denim shirt is still hanging in my closet (outdated or a classic?). Still, I don’t want to be the last one wearing the prairie shirt peasant blouse after the moment has passed.

These were in the audience. Does no one else ever worry about a fire drill?

But it’s no use. After completing the final wardrobe switch to platform sandals and wedge heels, I see that the square, stacked heel is the new trend starting this spring. Having gained this insight, now I will feel a bit self conscious toddering about in the platforms that I must wear all summer if I am to justify buying them in the first place.

In my defense, I am obliged to spend hours of time at sporting events and school programs where the runway seems far removed from stadium chairs and drive-through McNugget meals. Happily, Birmingham Fashion Week proved that there are wearable, fun styles on the horizon. We can take advantage of trends like ombre hair (I’m  a week late on my appointment), mixing prints (the black pants are in the laundry) and partially tucked-in blouses (this? this was intentional).  If we don’t like these trends, we can simply wait a moment for them to change, as surely as pastels follow neons.