Parenting Products for Warmer Weather (featured on Talk of Alabama)

Now that the cold weather is moving on, it’s time to get our game ready for the shift into longer days and pleasant weather. Here are some helfpful products to help:

Thermacell Outdoor Lantern

The old citronella candle compare to this lantern, which offers excellent insect repellant coverage without the overpowering scent. I have been using these lanterns for three summers now, and I love that I can move it anywhere I go in the yard and not worry about an open flame. The lantern can be used as a lantern, or repellent, or both, and it looks nice enough to go alongside those planters I work so hard to keep alive. $31.99 at big box retailers.

Sachi Insulated Food Handbags

Insulated totes aren’t new, but the Sachi version is simply of better quality than most you’ll find. The lining is sealed so it’s leak proof, ant that makes a difference if you don’t want the irritation of a leaky bag. These are marketed as “food handbags” and they really are made like a purse, with zipped exterior pockets and interior pockets in some versions. I like these for having snacks ready at school pick up so we can avoid a grumpy/hungry ride home.  $5.99 – $27.99.

Inchbug Orbit Labels

These labels can be reused again and again to fit on a sippy cup, water bottle, or insulated tumbler. Unlike a sharpie or adhesive label, you don’t have to permanently dedicate a cup to one person forever. These labels can grow from the diaper bag sippy cup to summer day camp’s water bottle. $12.95 per 4-pack.


The juice box squeeze has made a mess of many a car seat. The MyDrinky juice box holder is adjustable, so it holds the small 4 oz boxes as well as the larger ones. The top prevents the juice box from sliding out and locks into place.  $5.95


I think of these as the bouncy house/indoor playground shoe/sock. They are made from neoprene (wet suit material) so they’re water and germ resistant, but they fold up to nothing in your purse or diaper bag and can be washed and dried off in no time. They fit over bare feet or socks and have a slight tread on the bottom for a light grip. $12.99 – $14.99 depending on style