Father’s Day (Not-the-Usual) Gift Ideas

Here’s an assortment of fun ideas for Father’s Day gifts (as featured on Talk of Alabama ABC 33/40), all available at large retailers such as Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Bed, Bath & Beyond:

Entertaining Dad

GrateChef grill pads – These are great products for the griller who loves to tailgate or visit a vacation hideaway on the weekends. Think of these as wet naps for the grill. Instead of using spray bottles, clean the grill with a pre-moistened heavy-duty grill pad or oil the grate with a towelette, then dispose of the pad and enjoy a neat clean-up that is taken away with the trash.

FlareDown grill spray – skip the old water spray bottle, which tames flare-ups but douses the embers as well. Use FlareDown to attack the grease that causes flare-ups using food safe ingredients: “Water, potassium salts, surfactants.”

Surf & Turf Dad

Theme glassware – maybe he would enjoy being reminded of some of his favorite outdoor pastimes. Persuade him to let go of the beloved plastic tumbler and enjoy his beverage in one of these styles from Rolfe glass wear, with etched designs such as the fishing lure, stag, or nautical compass rose.

Outdoor Dad

The Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Lantern is a slam-dunk as a practical gift that he probably wouldn’t buy for himself (after all, he’s gotten used to citronella candles). Once he sees how handy this lantern is for light, bug repellent, or both, he will be glad to have it.

The lantern has two levels of light output and the repellent feature uses an pad moistened with natural ingredients to keep bugs away. A small metal plate heats the pad and inconspicuously discourages mosquitoes. It can be set atop a flat surface or hung from a hook, and it looks much better than the usual man cave style.

Needs Rest Dad

Pillow speakers? Yes. It’s too late for our teenage years when we could have defied our parents with a Walkman and a set of these, but at least now Dad can listen to his own tunes (or ballgame or talk radio) while he drifts off with these speakers by Sound Oasis. They actually fit inside his pillowcase for stereo-like sound without ear buds. He can plug the speakers into any source and adjust the in-line volume control.

Sound Oasis Glo to Sleep sleep therapy mask – If you know a dad who could use a total blackout for a full night’s sleep or a nap, this mask is the thing to do it. It’s nothing like the little spa masks we would think of for beauty rest. Glo to Sleep has a lightweight but dense padding around the edges so NO light gets through, and a button illuminates the “points of glow” that are intended to ease relaxation and seem to converge in the distance. This mask would be great for a road warrior or a flight across time zones.*

Errand Running Dad

Your fella may balk at the notion of a messenger bag (despite the camo) until he realizes it is an insulated bag and thus perfect for carrying refreshments to the ball field. The adjustable strap means he can still use his hands for his coaching gear or sling chair. It certainly beats him borrowing your monogrammed, polka-dot tote and with the functional pockets, he can actually carry other things.

Clever Crate -Yeah, he could lose this gift to mom. The collapsible crate is about the depth of the kitchen cabinet and pops up with sturdy side grips or basket handles. It can corral all the stuff that accumulates in dad’s back seat or trunk, and can tuck out of the way when it’s not needed. Whoever has the kids for the day should get the Clever Crate.

*I can’t help but think of this mask as mom’s “No, YOU have a headache” mask. Maybe papa bear will put this on and conk right out so mom can get some sleep herself.