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Find: Latest high-end cosmetics at drug store prices

Months ago in Ulta Cosmetics I overheard a lady chuckling with her friend, “Once you go M.A.C. you never go back.” The sales associate was suggesting the cosmetics line NYX, which she said offered an extensive line of sophisticated products that were similar to a [...]

Jersey Belle, Love It or Hate It.

It’s time to discuss Jersey Belle, whether with fascination or indignation (as my sister texted me, “Busy so had to record it. Can’t wait to be mad!“). I watched the premier with a Mountain Brook Mom who has the bonafides: kids in the MB school [...]

Holding On To the Mother’s Day High

Mother’s Day, one of the best days in Mom’s year. Finally, appreciated! Special! Those daily efforts noticed at last! We can live on all that one day of attention for the next 364. These are the glory days for us to enjoy homemade gifts made [...]

Department Store Makeovers: Housefrau to Streetwalker?

For the price of all these products, I might as well have plastic surgery and recover at a beachside resort.

If Only Lucy Ricardo Had a Smartphone

As a kid watching after school reruns of I Love Lucy, it was always a mystery to me why Lucy Ricardo was so desperate to perform for a crowd despite apparently having no singing or dancing ability. Lucy’s antics in her quest to be in [...]

A-Rod, Lance, etc. Where’s Mom’s Performance Enhancing Drug?

So another professional athlete is punished (not too harshly, mind you) for the use of performance enhancing drugs. One side of the reaction seems to be that a cheater is disgraced, and another seems to be that we, the fans, demand unrealistic performances from our [...]

Home Alone – Mom’s Version

Leave mom alone. Literally.

Manscaping – Are You Out of the Shower Yet?

At some point along the cultural path, women lost their petticoats and started raising their hemlines. Someone (in retrospect, this was most likely a marketing executive at a disposable razor company) decided that that women’s legs looked better shaved, and the biggest grooming headache besides [...]

“Escape Into Reading” – Summer Adult Reading Theme at Hoover Library

That thundering, squealing noise you hear in your head is the approaching herd of children who are about to be out of school for the summer. They’ve been academically useless for the last two weeks and can only think of summertime and being out in [...]

Mother’s Day Gifts that Help the Community

Mother’s Day is around the corner.   While kids and spouses may adequately prepare for your day, Mom is still in charge of organizing the gift giving, cards and lunch for grandmothers, beloved aunts and friends of the family. If your mothers are like mine, [...]