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Acne Wash and Braces, We Meet Again in a New Generation

Time to revisit the indignities of puberty with my own kids.

Summer Camps for Health Conditions – Asthma, Burn, Diabetes, etc.

Summer may be all about travel or camp, but it’s also an ideal time for your child learn to deal with a chronic health condition with help from experts as well as peers who share the diagnosis. Children’s Health System of Alabama is instrumental in [...]

Your Health: Mental and Physical Strength for Mom through Pilates

My body has never been the same since my children were born, how about yours? Not only do I LOOK like a mom I feel like one too – occasional low back pain and remnants of that 3rd trimester sciatica. My new workout is lifting [...]

Shoo, Flu

Why do we seem to go through the same ritual every year? Only a relatively small number of people. often encouraged (or obliged) by their employer, get a flu vaccine while everyone else depends on a herd of vaccinated friends. Moms, a flu epidemic hits [...]

SKLZ Trainer Workout Mat and Roller; Aquajogger (as seen on ABC 33/40)

It seems so simple, yet it makes perfect sense: a mat with exercise moves illustrated on the mat itself. So for those of us who can only think of sit ups and push ups when we’re on our own, the TrainerMat for Running/Walking ($29.99) is [...]

Welcome to Mohs (sunscreen or else)

If you used the term “lay out” as an action verb in your youth, then you are likely starting to see for yourself why our great grandmothers never left the house without a hat and gloves.  How well I remember friends mixing iodine with baby [...]

Baby’s First Eye Exam – Infant See Program in Alabama

Did you realize that your child should have his or her first eye exam between six and 12 months of age? This is not just a screening at the pediatrician’s office, but a full, dilated exam by a qualified optometrist with access to equipment and [...]

Paula, Dear

Maybe it was our southern grandmothers who convinced us that a casserole is the comfort food of any occasion, from births to funerals. Paula Deen understood this and for years has has been glorifying big, creamy dishes based on sour cream, mayonnaise and buttermilk. Part of her appeal is that she serves it all [...]

Childhood Obesity in Alabama: A problem Moms can fix with these practical tips

According to a recent Birmingham News article, 36% of children in Alabama (ages 10-17) are obese.  While the editorial staff expressed surprise, Birmingham Moms are not.  Whether it is in our home or one of the many family venues in Birmingham, we see this statistic [...]

Runners Viewed from the Van Window

Having never been an athlete, I’ve always had opinion of runners that vacillates between admiration (“Wow, that’s dedication“) and scorn (“What idiots! Who runs outside in this weather?“), depending on my mood. So it was out of character for me to sign up for a [...]