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The Paradox of Green Living

The struggle I have with “living green” is the idea of buying in the first place. Take the “eco-conscious”  (photvoltaic solar panels, gray water technology, etc.)  home erected by Tom Brady and Giselle Bundchen outside LA. It was featured in the October 13 edition of [...]

Find: Family Salad at Super Target

Does anyone else out there wonder why a home made salad never tastes quite as good as one at a restaurant? It’s not like there’s a secret, since every ingredient is in plain sight. Is the difference in the dressing? the croutons? a chilled plate [...]

Shop, Save and Share Card Benefits You and Community

Shop with a purpose during the Shop, Save and Share event coordinated by Junior League of Birmingham.

Find: Fluorescent Bulb with Dimmer Built In

Here’s as easy alternative to installing dimmer switches to save energy or create ambiance: Light bulbs with the dimmer feature incorporated into the design. You probably have a few single-switch lamps that, depending on the bulb, can provide soft ambient light or bright light for [...]

Who’s Your Farmer? Freshfully Wants to Know

During August, Freshfully Market has a fun promotion that gets to the heart of what we don’t know about our food anymore: Who’s Your Farmer? Ask that question in the store this month (or wear a Freshfully T-shirt) and you’ll receive a 10% discount on [...]

Why is Vacation Money Different?

How is it that we live the frugal life at home, clipping coupons and ordering from the value menu, and then we get to our vacation destination and all that thrift is out the window? Sure, there’s the heady rush from buying like you never [...]

Find: BYOP Car Repair

Here’s an intriguing concept: BYOP, or the Bring Your Own Parts car repair shop of Birmingham. Their tagline is, “it just makes good sense” and you know, it does sound sensible. BYOP has two Birmingham locations, one across from the main post office downtown and [...]

Bounce-Back Retail Receipts

We’ve talked before about bounce back receipts for restaurants, in which you receive a code for free food when you complete a survey. You should also be watching for these offers in retail stores. This isn’t one of those surveys where you spend 10 minutes [...]

Proud Professionals Struggle at Lower Skill Jobs

A friend’s husband who lost his job has started delivering pizzas as he looks for regular employment. He’s been having the same schedule each week, and so he was startled and panicked when he got a call from his manager on a day he typically isn’t scheduled. “Are you on your way [...]

Solving Space Problems with Self Storage

Last year an article on organizing in O magazine featured a woman who had run out of storage for her 127 pairs of shoes. After customizing her closet in Manhattan and still not having sufficient shoe space, she decided to rent storage for the additional pairs. [...]