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Mamma Mia! It’s the Greek Festival!

This Greek Festival at the Holy Trinity-Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Church downtown is one of Birmingham’s best culinary traditions. From Sept. 29 through Oct.1st, cars will line up around the 19th street block as bankers in suits and nurses in scrubs wait for a taste of Greek food heaven. It’s no secret that some of the [...]

Grandparents’ Day is Sunday, September 12th

Maybe we’re all skeptical of “Hallmark Holidays” but there aren’t enough excuses to thank grandparents for all they mean in our lives. If you’re lucky enough to still have your own grandparents around, you know that you haven’t been giving them the time and attention you [...]

Top Ten Questions to Ask a Childcare Center

Searching for childcare is truly one of the most important and, in some cases, heart-wrenching decisions parents face.   How do you select the best place for your child?  What qualities should you look for in a facility?  We asked Randy East, Director of the Elizabeth [...]

Why Moms Love Chick-fil-A

Despite the recession, Chick-fil-A has continued to prosper, enjoying robust growth in sales and aggressive store expansion. I think I know why. Even without the spokescows asking us to “eat mor chikn,” Chick-fil-A has won a the approval of moms for understanding what we appreciate: * Great service. Although the [...]

Door Buster Sales: Busted Already

I feel for the retail workers who are back on duty for 6 a.m. doorbuster specials the day after Christmas. They had to have been dead on their feet by the time the store closed on Christmas Eve, and now they have to get the tired old [...]

Find: Car Butler (Aluminum Frame Tote)

It’s true that I’ve probably never met a tote I didn’t like. However, this one is unique simply because it suits such a heretofore unmet purpose. I’m calling it the car butler. Several months ago I read a a book about organizing that suggested creating an “errand box” which would [...]

Visit Oz in Hoover

NOTE: As of April, 2010, this McDonald’s completely remodeled. Alas, there’s no sign of a Yellow Brick Road any longer. This year marks the 70th anniversary of the making of the classic movie, The Wizard of Oz, which created cultural icons in technicolor (Dorothy, Toto, and the bunch) and [...]

Tis the Season to be Broke?

You know your paradigm has shifted when you commiserate more with Bob Cratchit rationing a single lump of coal than you rejoice with Ebenezer Scrooge in vowing to serve his fellow man and keep Christmas in his heart all the year. Obviously a lot of folks are unemployed this [...]

Find: Christmas Hairbows

Aren’t these the cutest things? Little girls who are weary of the same old bows might enjoy the novelty of having something different in their hair. These hairbows are at Tricia’s Baby Station in Vestavia off Hwy 31. Even the simplest outfit would be festive accessorized with a hairbow [...]

Community Yard Sale to Help a Family

Jann Robinson, founder of Backstage Catering Company, is a BirminghamMom of six young children who was widowed when her husband, Dave, lost his battle with lymphoma a couple of years ago. Although she has continued to maintain and develop her customer base, the recession has had a negative impact on her [...]